List of Countries in North America and Capital City – 2024 Full List

List of Countries in North America

This article covers the full list of countries situated in North America and their respective capital cities according to the United Nations.

North America is one continent of the world system with over 21 million Km² as it’s land area and over 600 million people occupying the continent. The countries below made up North America as a continent.

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List of Countries in North America and Capital

1. United States
Capital: Washington, D.C.

2. Mexico
Capital: Mexico City

3. Canada
Capital: Ottawa

4. Dominican Republic
Capital: Santo Domingo

5. Costa Rica
Capital: San José

6. Cuba
Capital: Havana

7. Puerto Rico
Capital: San Juan

8. Jamaica
Capital: Kingston

9. El Salvador
Capital: San Salvador

10. The Bahamas
Capital: Nassau

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11. Nicaragua
Capital: Managua

12. Haiti
Capital: Port-au-Prince

13. Guatemala
Capital: Guatemala City

14. Panama
Capital: Panama City

15. Greenland
Capital: Nuuk

16. Belize
Capital: Belmopan

17. Turks and Caicos Islands
Capital: Cockburn Town

18. Honduras
Capital: Tegucigalpa

19. Barbados
Capital: Bridgetown

20. Saint Lucia
Capital: Castries

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21. Cayman Islands
Capital: George Town

22. U.S. Virgin Islands
Capital: Charlotte Amalie

23. Guadeloupe
Capital: Basse-Terre

24. Martinique
Capital: Fort-de-France

25. Grenada
Capital: Saint George’s

26. Dominica
Capital: Roseau

27. Saint Barthélemy
Capital: Gustavia

28. Anguilla
Capital: The Valley

29. Saint Kitts and Nevis
Capital: Basseterre

30. British Virgin Islands
Capital: Road Town

31. Antigua and Barbuda
Capital: Saint John’s

32. Sint Maarten
Capital: Philipsburg

33. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Capital: Kingstown

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34. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Capital: Saint-Pierre

35. Montserrat
Capital: Brades · Plymouth

36. Saint Martin
Capital: Marigot

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