List of Countries in Europe and Capital City – See the Full List 2024

List of Countries in Europe and Capital

This article covers the full list of countries situated in Europe and their respective capital according to the United Nations.

However, the list will be sub-divided into the following various regions Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern Europe.

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List of Countries in Europe and Capital

Northern Europe
  1. Denmark: Copenhagen
  2. Estonia: Tallinn
  3. Finland: Helsinki
  4. Iceland: Reykjavík
  5. Ireland: Dublin
  6. Latvia: Riga
  7. Lithuania: Vilnius
  8. Norway: Oslo
  9. Sweden: Stockholm
  10. United Kingdom: London
Western Europe
  1. Austria: Vienna
  2. Belgium: Brussels
  3. France: Paris
  4. Germany: Berlin
  5. Liechtenstein : Vaduz
  6. Luxembourg: Luxembourg
  7. Monaco: Monaco
  8. Netherlands: Amsterdam
  9. Switzerland: Bern

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Eastern Europe
  1. Belarus : Minsk
  2. Bulgaria: Sofia
  3. Czech Republic (Czechia): Prague
  4. Hungary: Budapest
  5. Moldova: Chișinău
  6. Poland: Warsaw
  7. Romania: Bucharest
  8. Russia: Moscow
  9. Slovakia: Bratislava
  10. Ukraine : Kyiv
Southern Europe
  1. Albania: Tirana
  2. Andorra: Andorra la Vella
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo
  4. Croatia: Zagreb
  5. Greece: Athens
  6. Holy See: Vatican City
  7. Italy: Rome
  8. Kosovo: Pristina
  9. Malta: Valletta
  10. Montenegro: Podgorica
  11. North Macedonia: Skopje
  12. Portugal: Lisbon
  13. San Marino : San Marino
  14. Serbia: Belgrade
  15. Slovenia: Ljubljana
  16. Spain: Madrid

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