Durham Palestine Educational Trust Scholarship 2024 – Apply Now!

Durham Palestine Educational Trust

Glad to announce to you about the Durham Palestine Educational Trust scholarship 2024/2025 for interested and suitably qualified Palestine students. This article covers all you need to know about the scholarship.

Durham Palestine Educational Trust is an independent UK charity that assists the social and economic development of Palestine by providing scholarships for Palestinian graduates to study for Masters degrees at Durham University, UK.

About the Trust

Our main aim is to contribute to the social, economic and political development of Palestine through scholarships for Palestinians to study at Durham University.

Durham University contributes by generously awarding tuition fee scholarships to each of the students we select. These are worth an average of £16,000 per student.

The costs of each student’s travel and maintenance (about £13,000 a year) are raised by membership subscriptions, voluntary contributions and fund-raising events.

How to Apply for Durham Palestine Educational Trust Scholarship

  • Download the application form in MS Word format.
  • When the form appears, SAVE AS a new MS Word file and choose a name to give it.
  • Before starting to fill in the form, read carefully the Advice to Applicants webpage and the Trust’s marking system on Page 7 of the form.
  • Fill in the form ‘on screen’ and SAVE it.
  • Send your completed application form to Palestine.Education@durham.ac.uk as a file attachment to a brief email between 01 January and 30 March 2024.
  • Late applications or applications sent in any other way will NOT be accepted.
  • Keep a copy of your completed application form for your reference. This will also provide a back-up in case of problems.
Making a Successful Application

Sadly, this Trust and Durham University can offer only two or three scholarships. Inevitably, some excellent candidates will not be successful. However, this website provides lots of information to help you make an effective application.

However, before starting to fill in the application form, it will benefit you to know or ask yourself this few questions;

Ask yourself, “What is this Trust looking for in applicants?” Then from your own experience and plan tell the Trust what it wishes to know.

State clearly your aims and ambitions and describe how a Masters degree will help you to improve the lives of other Palestinians

Write about your achievements, especially those made in difficult circumstances.

Tell them what you are really enthusiastic about.

In the sections about work experience and voluntary work, a list of job titles alone is not very informative. Tell them about your responsibilities, the problems you faced and what you feel you achieved, at least in your current or most recent job.

Details of your leisure interests and hobbies helps to tell more about your personality as well as about your academic ability.

Finally, check that you have given all the required information on the application form. Omitting the name of the university at which you graduated, the years you studied there or your degree result (GPA % score) does not give a good impression.

Additionally, please keep an eye on our website for more updates on Durham Palestine Educational Trust Scholarship and do not forget to use the comment section below if you have any question.

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