Colfuturo Scholarship Program 2024/25 – King’s College London

Colfuturo Scholarship Program

Colfuturo Scholarship Program is currently open for suitably qualified Colombian students who are interested to study a master’s degree in King’s College London.

A full tuition fee-waiver for one COLFUTURO scholar from Colombia who has an unconditional offer of admissions for a 12 month Master’s programme at King’s College London.

About Scholarship

COLFUTURO Scholarship Program is a joint public and private sector initiative aimed at facilitating the access of Colombian professionals to further education abroad.

Created as a non-profit organization on November 21, 1991, its mission is to contribute to the entrance of Colombia into a world undergoing globalization offering information about international education and supporting students to have a successful study experience overseas.

In recognition of the existing and mutual beneficial relationship between King’s College London (KCL) and COLFUTURO, and in support of their aims of the COLFUTURO Programa Semilleros, a collaborative agreement was signed in September 2016, whereby KCL will provide support to one Semilleros de Talento Master’s scholar per year to study for any Master’s programme at KCL.

Scholarship Benefits
  • Full (100%) tuition fee-waiver from King’s College London for a 12-month full-time Master’s programme at King’s.
  • Scholarship loan from COLFUTURO to support living costs/travel etc.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Open to residents from Colombia only.
  • Potential candidates will be from COLFUTURO’s Programa Semillero de Talentos.
  • Candidates must secure an unconditional admissions offer for a 12 month Master’s degree programme at King’s College London.
  • Candidates must have completed the established COLFUTURO selection process.

How to Apply for Colfuturo Scholarship Program

Colombian who are students interested in this scholarship must complete the established COLFUTURO application and selection process. For details, kindly visit:

Additionally, candidates must also apply for admissions for a 12 month Master’s degree programme at King’s College London (KCL), following the normal application procedures and meeting all the standard admissions requirements (including official language tests) established by KCL.

Selection Process

COLFUTURO will provide a list of the potential candidates to KCL for consideration and selection.

The student must be in receipt of an unconditional offer letter from KCL for a one year full-time Master’s programme.

KCL reserves the right to refuse the nomination proposed by COLFUTURO, in which case COLFUTURO will be required to nominate another potential candidate.

COLFUTURO will inform the nominated students by mid July of the outcome.

Additionally, please keep an eye on our website for more updates on Aziz Foundation Scholarship Programme and do not forget to use the comment section below if you have any question.

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