BPP Law School Scholarship 2024/25 – BPP University London, UK

BPP Law School Scholarship

The BPP Law School Scholarship is currently open for application from interested and suitably qualified international students who wish to study in BPP University of London, UK.

BPP offers a large full and partial fee scholarships each year which supports many student through their studies and to make the application process simple, BPP operate a single ‘one application’ process for our main scholarships

Basic Criteria and Requirements

To apply, you must meet ALL of the following minimum criteria:

  • You must have submitted an application to study at BPP University;
  • You must have applied for a scholarship by the relevant deadline stated below;
  • To be considered for the Career Commitment Scholarship, the list price of the course you have applied for must be at least £9,500;
  • You must have achieved a minimum of a 2:1 degree result or equivalent (or 2:2 with evidence of mitigating circumstances, reviewed on a case-by-case basis);
  • You must not hold full fees sponsorship for the course from elsewhere (e.g. an employer or one of the Inns of Court); and
  • You must not have already been awarded another BPP scholarship with a value of £2,000 or more.
A. Main BPP University Law School Scholarships

To be eligible for a full or partial scholarship, candidates must have completed and submitted their single scholarship application by the relevant deadline date.

1. Career Commitment Scholarship: awarded to the most promising future legal professionals.

Value: £2,000

Deadline: 14th April 2024 for courses starting in May 2024. 12th July 2024 and 9th August 2024 for courses starting in September 2024.

2. Dean of BPP Law School Scholarship: aimed at high achieving students who can demonstrate an outstanding standard of academic achievement and commitment to their legal career.

Value: Full Fee

Deadline: 12th July, 2024 for September 2024 courses.

3. Future Leader Scholarship: offered to those showcasing outstanding leadership skills and ambition to become a future leader within the legal profession.

Value: Full Fee
Deadline: 12th July, 2024 for September 2024 courses.

4. Chancellor’s Scholarship: one full-fee scholarship is available, open to BPP undergraduate students who are looking to continue their studies.

Value: Full Fee
Deadline: 12th July, 2024 for September 2024 courses.

B. BTC specific scholarships

To be eligible for these scholarships, applicants must have applied for a place on (but not yet started) BPP’s Barrister Training Course (BTC), Barrister Training Course with Professional Legal Studies or the Master’s version of either course.

1. BTC Advocacy Scholarship: awarded to BTC applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential in the core skill of advocacy.  Your task will be to submit a video of a plea in mitigation (5 minutes max), for which there is a case study to prepare from.

Value: £2,000
Deadline: 25th March, 2024 for May and September 2024 Courses.

2. BTC Excellence Scholarships: Automatically awarded to all BTC students with a first-class undergraduate degree.
Value: £1,000

C. BPP’s  scholarships

Which are run by external organisations with whom BPP partner.

1. AS Foundation Scholarship: for prospective solicitors
Value: £5,000

2. Diversity Access Scheme: which supports people from low socio-economic backgrounds who want to become solicitors.  Number of Scholarship: Around 10 scholarships each year.

Value: Up to full fee
Application Opens: Wednesday 28 February 2024

D. Other BPP Scholarships

1. Dean of BPP School of Business and Technology Scholarship: targeted towards high achieving students who can demonstrate the highest standard of academic excellence and commitment to their chosen career within business.

Number of Scholarship: 3 scholarships
Value: Full Fee

2. International Postgraduate Bursary: Offered specifically and automatically to international students who hold a 1st class honours degree.
Value: £1,000

E. Scholarships for Current BPP Undergraduate Students

1. Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship: one full-fee scholarship is available, open to applicants who have showcased an outstanding ambassadorial approach during their time at BPP.

Value: Full Fee
Deadline: 12th July, 2024 for September 2024 courses.

How to Apply for BPP Law School Scholarship

To successfully apply for a scholarship, firstly,

  • Create an account on The Hub.
  • Go ahead and Apply for your desired course and Submit your Application.
  • Then Apply for the corresponding Scholarship.
Important Notice
  • Apart from the BTC Advocacy Scholarship and external scholarships, applications are currently open for courses starting May to September 2024.
  • In your application you will be asked to show evidence of your suitability while they assess your application relative to the scholarship criteria.
  • Scholarships are only available to new students applying for a course, and are not available for continuous students.
  • For more detailed information please visit the BPP Law School Scholarship official website.

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