Job Vacancies at Ebonyi Airport

Job Vacancies at Ebonyi Airport – Requirements & How to Apply

The newly built Ebonyi International Airport is welcoming application from interested applicants to fill the available job vacancies.

The airport offer roles for every experience level across a range of duties with employment available through airports, airlines and even private vendors.

In this article, we provide a list of job vacancies at the Mohammadu Buhari International airport across different experience levels. The airport offers a variety of fulfilling career paths that allow individuals to serve those who are traveling.

List of Job Vacancies at Ebonyi Airport

  1. Aeronautical engineer
  2. Airline food service worker
  3. Passenger assistant
  4. Airline baggage handler
  5. Airline reservation agent
  6. Avionics technician
  7. Air traffic controller
  8. Aircraft fueler
  9. Airport manager
  10. Aircraft maintenance technician
  11. Airport engineer
  12. Airport security officer
  13. Airport operations manager
  14. Aircraft mechanic
  15. Airport planner
  16. Flight attendant
  17. Flight dispatcher
  18. Pilot

How to Apply

However, interested and suitably qualified applicants must meet certain Requirements and Eligibility to apply through the application portal

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